Malaysian Students’ Association in France

  • Release:17/08/2016
  • Client:Masafrance
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  • Skills: Design, HTML, jQuery, web development

The Malaysian Students’ Association in France (MASAF) is an official student’s association represents Malaysian students in France. It was established in 2007  by a small group of Malaysian students from the South of France. After almost 10 years from its first establishment, MASAF now has 700 members registered. Our association have progressively changed towards the better since it was being formed. Over the past few years, MASAF has increased the number of events for our members. Besides gathering the Malaysian students from all over France, the events organized aims to guide the students concerning subjects such as studies, jobs applications and daily routines ( places to do grocery shopping, choices of telephone operator etc. ).

To this date, MASAF has successfully organized some events and we are proud to inform that most of the events have become an annual event with improvisation from time to time. Some of the events are; MASAF Games, an annual weekend-sport event, Malaysian Night, CV Workshop, France Education and Exposure Programme (FEdX), Journée Sans Faim (JSF)-A Day Without Hunger etc.